Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hell City Anthology Part one

Hells Metropolis Anthologies: A town that was brought to hell. Its main heros being nothing more then warped kids and tattered memories.

The Dealer:
The Boss may run the gangs, The Junky may run the lowlifes, the Avneger May run the chaos, but I run this town. I am the dealer. Its what I go by, its what I went by. I've always been the shadow behind man, given them what they seek. When an end to WWII was saught, it was me who dealt the final hand and gave the U.S. the push it needed. When Julias Ceaser needed to be assasinated it was me who stabbed in his back first. The mystery behind the kennedy family, the conspiracies in the back of your head, that one bad event in history that you may be thinking about right now: All me. If you see me as a murderer though, my hands are clean. I never once pulled the trigger, I only gave people what they wished for. I only dealt them the hand they wanted. I Am the Dealer. I Run this town...

In this situation though, I had seven comrades wish upon my help. I dealt them all what they sought and hoped for. I gave them survival, and I gave them the power to accomplish what they had to. That was twenty years ago and I still remember the blood soaked streets, civillians screaming, and the Metal they all got for slaughtering so many...Its even a bit sick to me, but I only give them what they seek. I am the Dealer. I run this town.

The Kid:
My dad was in the army. He never told me many stories, but the scars across his body told it all. The burns on his legs told the tail of how he rescued civillians from a great explosion. The cut on his right arm was gained from protecting a foreign General from an assasin attack. He is a true hero! But the one scar that always gets me is the bullet hole in his chest, that he earned when his team mates betrayed him. Well, I wanted to be like dad; an undercover hero! Fighting crime and protecting the innocent. All I was thought was an idiot...Dad sometimes muttered some words about "12:00...zero hour" The mental institute they imprisoned him in didnt seem to keep his spirit from forgetting how all this began. I was eager to know but first I had to prove to my dad what I could do. I got into his closet and found some old halloween costume. I put it out, and like dad I decided id start like my dad did, at midnight..Fighting the badies. Clothed in some Green Tarp-like suit and a green and black wrestling mask on my face I made my way through the dark streets until i stumbled upon my first criminal. Some bald man assaulting a lady. When I approached them weilding old knife he said one thing :"Let it go man.." I told him to give up and change his ways. When he shook his head I charged at the man, like a mad bull. Well my knife was no match for his gun...a bullet to the chest. The man ran, leaving the girl. and as I laid there weakly inhaling my last few breaths a beautiful woman touched my arm.."Thankyou.." she whispered in my ear, still in shock from her assault. I smiled. Even though I died like an idiot, least I did some good..didn't I? Thats what I thought, but as time went by I learned the truth..I learned just how deep vengeance can go, even if the victim just wants peace...Dad..how could you?

The Henchmen:
HOLY SHIT! The kid came out of nowhere! I told him to let it go, let me do my business then he charged at me, the only ones who were there seemed to be the whore and some lame Junky who probably thought he hallucinated the whole thing. This costumed idiot had it coming, I had to shoot him! It was me or him! why couldnt he let it go...well I left that spot and the whore bag. I needed to scram before cops showed up, or worse, The Bosses muscle. The only ones there were a junky and a whore, yet somehow someone found me! Not the cops nor the gang, na. This was some nut job in a mask. a big smiley face justl ike the one wal mart has, and a store bought costume I didnt think anything of him, just another nut job I had to kill. I pulled out my gun but damn this guy was fast. Before i knew what was happening I had a knife, just above my kidney..He Cradled me in his arms for a moment, I almost felt bliss. I didnt have to die alone..even a guy like me would accept anything but death alone..He whispered softly, asking who i worked for..I muttered out one bloody word "Bo-ss.." The last thing i remember is a tilted smiley stabbing a knife into my chest..least i Didn't die alone..

The Avenger:
Not a day goes by I dont remember that incident. Burning down a city That had been protesting against the war. It wasnt uncommon but these particular protesters were undermining the government; they had radical training programs and advanced bio-chemical warfare. That wasnt why we killed the town though. We could have shut that operation down and hardly killed anyone, no. Instead the government wanted to make an example of the town, without losing face. A team of seven, including myself, were given specific orders to exterminate the town, while making it seem like the work of terrorists, not soldiers. It seemed unlikely, seven men up against a militia, not to mention the weaponry, policeman, and publicity.The higher ups sympathized, they told us to go to the crossroads at the town square, at midnight. We were told to go to the town wearing some looney super hero costumes and to make a wish involving our victory. It seemed odd but when you work in covert operations you know its best not to ask questions. SO there at that very spot we met a man, who made us a deal. We didnt believe at first, but when seven people burn an entire town to ruins with not one casualty, it makes you believe we got what we wished for. But that was it, afterwords the government locked us up into a mental institution. Luckily one of the comrades saved us, he just somehow knew what to do. He knew "how".. We followed him out and stayed inside the ruined city, watched it rebuild and we each took our seperate turns. My hero and I stayed in touch, we figured that what we had was a power, and we should make sure to be prepaired if its needed for revenge. In the end revenge was all we seemed to have, if we ever stopped to think too long that we killed those people...I don think we'd be able to hold it together. Even if I wanted to though, I couldnt lose. That was my power.."To Succeed"...funny yes but somehow I always do succeed in my missions, be it taking out a town, proving myself as a soldier, or fathering a child. Maybe the charm wore off though, because tonight i got contact from my friend. He said I was dead in an alley..Going to check it out i wish it was me, it might as well have been. As I saw my son lying on the cold, blood stained ground something in me did die..Something said this was my fault..I had no time to point blame to myself, I want vengeance. After tracking down the killer I found the bigger fish..Looks like a reunion will be happening soon, aye Boss?

So here we start

Greetings all! Im the usual kind of guy...a no count kid in the middle of a backwater city, with a public school education and no sense of direction. But like any other backwater kid my mind is something hard to keep up with..perhaps im more insane then I think? Perhaps I'm rather worse off...who knows? Who cares?!? Lets start!