Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hell City Anthology Continues

about the story :its some old 20 stories of anthology I once did and it feels like ages ago...I sort of rushes near the end of it but ill post the orignial story regularly, and then when its done ill begin writing some new stuff..maybe ill redo the anthology and make it better...share your thoughts?

The Assasin
I am death. I grew up in death. Born to a dead mother, a fatherk illed himself in grief. My brothers died from starvation on the streets. Even the little rats which kept me company on lonely, hungry nights had to die..Little bastards only life like two years...Either that or I had to cook them to live..I was born in death so being asked to kill The Avenger wasnt any biggy. I had followed him to some murky bar. I entered into the back door and watched as he approached The one called Knight with a sword..I decided itd be amusing. As he began to position the knife for a swift kill stroke the Knight Laughed..I couldnt hear what they said exactly, but suddenly they began talking about some girl and what? Cross roads? I looekd about the room. One junky in the corner, one burnt out loon in a suit of armor, and another loon with a big smiley mask he probably paid five bucks for at walmart. SO how in the hell are there five dead men at their feet? Crossroads? As I watched I became so distracted..what is it about the crossroads that bugged me when i heard it. As the clock struck midnight my mind had completely forsaken my mission. I walked out to the middle of the street. A business man in a suit and yellow, horn rimmed glasses showed up, offering a hand to shake. I stayed still. "You came..good Robert Lee..Or should i call you by your code name:assasin?" I was perplexed. I tried to ask him who he was but he interupted my question 'Ah, you only get one what do you want?" I thought this man was insane..but something inside my head compelled me to listen to him and do as he says...What do I want? I want to avoid the one thing that haunts me..I want to avoid me..I want to avoid death..He handed me some paper, said mark the X. Half of me didnt believe him, but the other half couldnt help but move my hand over the paper. And just like that he vanashed, walking away into mist. I turned around, and stood face to face with These masks..The Avenger and The Knight, both seemed to notice what had gone on, as if they knew the man all their life. Like a childhood friend, except the childhood friend you screwed your lfie up and made you want revenge, yea. That friend. Hell I could take em right? I couldnt die...God I wish I could..I drew a blade and tossed one at each of them. the Avenger Bounced it away with his own knife, the Knight, old and frigid, took it right in the torso. Too easy, right? The Avenger now stood over his fallen comrade, and gave me the perfect chance to take him out. Death beats all, even those who always succeed, it will claim this just as it does the losers in life. Avenger was both a loser and a winner. He lost his friend that night, but he won his life for that moment. I fell to the ground in horrible pain, it felt as if someone was drilling into my skull. I cant die though...So there I lay, burried in a coffin. My nerves to my body completely disconnected. the only thing im able to do is wish I never made the deal..

The Woman:
Im Rebecca Parsons. My team called me Snow. Twenty years ago I was hot stuff, now I just want to see my friends again. Is that so much to ask? Can the dealer make me another deal or can the Doctor simply let me go? SHIT. Can I just get a drink? There was one among us who never took a name, nor did he ever share his own. We just called him the hero, he always seemed to know what to do to get us out of the Situation. He just somehow knew..He let us escape once from the mental hospital, god knows what happened to them. The deal i made: for this team not to be together. Well perhaps it wasnt the best wish. While we were in the hospital, and after we escaped I loved them. I loved them all. You can call me a whore or a slut and I know it wasnt right but. I couldnt help myself..anyways that was a long time ago. I still love them all. As I sit in a cage with this Insane Doc bastard rambling about some "special core" I only have one thought..I only want to see them again...maybe theres a soft spot in hell for us. Thats the best hope I can have now..if god can see it in his heart to at least let me suffer with them..but I dont even deserve that, after what I let loose...Now I sit here...waiting for a hero..or a monster

The Doctor:
Im impressed. I sent the assasin not to kill them, I knew he would fail at that. I sent him out to test them. I am Doctor Aushivan. Twenty years ago I worked at a mental institution, where I stumbled upon a set of special patients. One patients Mouth we had to staple shut, it seemed no matter what he said people would listen to him..Another patient seemed to always delight in the situation, for christ sakes he somehow always got liquor in his time. Another kept talking about vengeance, while an older man always told him it would be alright. The next block over we had a gambler, no matter what risk he took he always seemed to come out on top. Always made a profit, and for some reason people were simply compelled to go with it. He practicly won most the patients medication. When I tried to confiscate it I couldnt help but make a bet with him, he came out on top..Lucky bastard. I was not quite sure of the speciality of the last male, but a certain female seemed to charm these six men in ways id never seen. She was Nostalgic, romantic. Even I wanted her...I got her too..The night they broke out I had my way with that woman. Perhaps that was the edge that caused them all to escape. I couldnt help it, i had to show her that I loved her and she loved me..I had to force her to see. And god she waas beautiful. That was twenty years ago..since that night I lost my liscence to practice. They may haev taken away the paperwork but I was never more inspired to look into these bizarre people. The monst interesting occurence however; the girl was pregnant. The bastard child could have them all as a father, anythings possible with this bunch. I spent the next twenty years in the city, tracking them down. tracking down my love. The child called for me. And for the last twenty years since its birth it has layed in a tank, isolated from the world so I could watch it grow. Sometimes I fear it, sometimes I am proud to call it my bastard son. The possibilites are endless. And when he broke out in furry, I looked at him with pride almost, as my child had developed power I had never seen. As I bleed to death on this wall, i na ruined laboratory; the woman freed and my scientist helper dead I am filled with pride, that my legacy has such an impact..

The Scientist.
That idiot doctor is proud of what he made. He has no idea the cotastrophe which is unfolded. I am but a humble scientist, I have worked with my team on this child for nineteen years. In nineteen years he had done nothing, and then the Doctor had to go after that woman. With her incarcerated I dont know what set the boy off. These monsters which the Doctor "helped" have..powers over others. She must have called to this ragtag team. Misfit bastards they are..But I dont knwo what came over me..I stared at the bastard monster and something inside me told me to let him free..When he was free he spoke for the first time in nineteen years. he told me it was okay..he told me to put the gun to my head. He told me to pull the My body fell limp..I somehow still thought it would be okay..

The Hell Hound
I am you. I am they...Twenty years ago I was born, thanks to that womans wish I existed between seven individuals. I am the hound that works for the dealer. I want what he wants, he was the father of these seven afterall. And I am their Achetype. I am them. Twenty years ago they were banded together, these hell hounds were close and one because they thought as one. I am that one they thought they split up my power weakened, but hope was born. A child, Bastard son to them all but one. I exist inside him too..Hell, I am him. Though inside the others I had little control, I could raise this childs mind. be his guardian. Tell him when it was time to leave. When I sensed the coming of those seven, their dark reunion my power was once again strong enough to help my help me..As long as they are together, and as long as that woman thinks of their bond I will only increase this boys power, in ways they never dreamed. I only hope, they have joined with the one I cannot sense..The Devils Misjudged Deal.

The Avenger(3):
The bastard killed The Knight! Oh well..if he died that means he died least it wasnt me who had to kill him. But I in some way, to blame for his death? No. I got no time to think about that. My adreniline is still pumping, and before this night is done much more blood shall be shed. With a new take on the vengeance...My son...My comrade...My god damn conviction! my beliefs! If they take my vengeance..I only have myself to blame..I need this. Something in my head told me where to head next. I had to find the boss. Before the knight died he told me that if the stakes are high enough hed come find me. Bull...I broke into his base, its location somehow ringed clear as day. One by one, I killed his men. Petty gang members, they cannot kill me. Their sorrow is too few..Only One of my team mates has that power. So Slive after slive, chip after chip I gambled on this and won. Ill take the elevator to the top floor. The Boss always did have a kick for the highlights. Im curious though as to why the elevator wont work. I look out the side of the glass. A man stands there, mouth stapled shut. Dear god Rick..what did they do to you?

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