Tuesday, June 14, 2011


you were meant to die
yet never meant to fly
you were meant to see the sky
You were meant to dream to fly
You were mean to realize and cry
and then you were meant to die

So I will ask you why
Do you refuse to die
I will ask you why
your mind chose to fly
Why your mind is so high

And while your mind stays so high
can i ask you why?
Why I can not fly?
Can I ask you why?

Why im meant to die
and though however much I try
I will never fly

Yet you were made to try
And to succeed yet always cry
And I reach the sun and fry

Because I dreamt to fly
Because im meant to die
Because you mean to die
yet you never try

May I ask you why
Why I ramble on this lie?
Why I even try
to say I know your why?

May I ask you why
Do we have to die?

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