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Reality a Fantasy (feel free to comment your own oppinion)

                                      The Reality Of Reality
                                 Do we live in our own head?
"Cogito Ergo Sum; "I think therefore I am"( René Descartes). The reality in
which the Human Brain rebels is constantly interrupted by ones own thoughts.
You cannot cease self controlled thought beyond sleep, in which case thought is
still constant and reoccurring. However thought itself can be justified as
responses to interpretations made by the human brain. In turn, it can be inferred
that if dreams can be created in which the character we play believes such
scenarios to be real, we, in turn, suffer from a delusion which we believe to be
real. Imagine back to your most in-depth dream. In this dream a character you
followed was portrayed, along with other scenarios, by your own mind. You
controlled such a scenario in a sub-omniscient view, however what could happen
in such a dream is still able to stimulate some degree of shock to yourself. As
humans we are gifted with the unique ability to create our own interpretation, and
in turn our own world. However, is this truly able to be called freedom, or slavery
to our own design? (Osho Dhammapada Volume 9; Canning, Bard "The Death

  “If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply
electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”-Morpheus. In our current reality our
body is the vessel of an endless amount of nerve endings and signals. An
Electrical impulse, when interpreted by the brain, can mean pleasure for one
man then pain for another. When broken down, reality becomes two main points
of stimuli: Electrical stimulation, and the way our brain interprets such.
Therefore, electrical stimuli influence brain interpretation, which influences
stimuli in the next scenario our body will endure(eating, fighting, loving, buying,
etc.) If our mentality is truly slave to its self-determined responses there are few
scenarios in which our conscious mind(ourselves) can take:We can rebel against
the mind by resisting our own instinct of what to do and not to do, we can
attempt to exceed such capacities through mental highs, or we can accept such
delusion as a real enough truth. (The Matrix, 1999; Canning Bard)
  Tyler Durden once stated "The things you own end up owning you.." Think
of this past simple material possession such as electronics, store bought
appliances, and Ikea. You not only own your material possessions, you own the
love you've been given by others, the rank in your job you've earned, and the
dignity you've left yourself with. All These attributes contribute to what you do on
a daily basis. You hope not to burn down the house so you turn off the stove;
you hope for promotion so you brown nose your superiors; you may look in the
mirror and credit yourself because you do not want your pride jeopardized. The
inevitable truth behind this is that your possessions, whether mental, spiritual, or
physical, are compelling your actions. If you take this concept and imagine reality
as stimulation then your mind creates rewards, punishments, and possession
which drives your own delusion. Of course Tyler Durden was a delusion of the
Main character in the book Fight Club his words still ring a reality. In turn, the
only way to rebel against your delusion is to rebel against the society you see.
This, however, does not need to mean burning down your house and quitting
your job. Since the beginning of time there have been those who stood up
against society for better, or for worse.(Chuck, Palahniuk Fight Club 1996)
  In the 70s civil rights activists flourished to combat the "reality" in which
they had to live in. They combated the accepting nature of man by attempting to
change the reality around them. Though heroic this concept can only be
acceptable if you see anything wrong in society, and choose to rebel against
them in "realistic" ways. You do not need to picket and march however, Stan Lee
of Marvel Comics combated injustice by writing comics, his "X-MEN" were also
his opinion and take on civil rights. To affect the outside world he created a
dimension which reflected natural problems in supernatural ways( Meigs1997;
55)This is but one proof that by bending reality in his mind, by going with the
imaginary flow, one can change the outside world.
  However noble the quests of these activists were, other activists could
include dictators such as Gengis Kahn, Modern-Day Kim John, and the ever
memorable Adolf Hitler.Though their methods were questionable at best, the end
result was taking their ideas and attempting to make such a reality in reality.
Even if you don't think of reality as nothing but mental interpretation, there is no
end to imagination; and if that becomes reality there is no end to the power of
what you can imagine.
  Your imagination can prove fierce, so much so that Jhonen Vasquiz
(Creator of Invader Zim and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) and his associates
would sometimes phrase it as "That little monster." Jhonen however was an
artist and comic book writer, and let his destructive monster free in realities he
would know he created. By making comics and cartoons he let his "Monster"
Free for a stroll, without affecting "reality." In fact, every fictional book, movie, or
story comes with its own dreamland, free for conscious creation; Be it Sin City,
Gotham, or even Hogwarts. In Conclusion to his pathway, if you do wish to rebel
against the ideas of reality you can fight the society you see before you, or
create your own. In either scenario however consequences will follow, whether
real, fake, good, or bad.( Vasquez, Jhonen "A sleep deprived introduction"
You may interpret that choice as still being under the omnipotent control
of instinct and subconscious rationality. However much truth this can hold, it only
determines that one truly cannot control their own mentality. If you cannot control
however, perhaps you can excel beyond it. (Canning, Bard)
Every culture includes religious ideas, a land beyond land. It could be a pit
of fire known as hell, cloudy abyss known as heaven, a cycle of reincarnation
and inner-truth. Though they can be argued as delusions in our reality, arguing
our own reality only justifies their ability to be true. If religious land can be truth
however, so can images and hallucinations. If a bent reality from drugs can be
true then, Ego Death becomes its bible.(Walter Houston Clark,"The Psychedelics
and Religion" 1970 )
Ego death is not true death(if true death exists in this philosophy), it is
best defined as....."a sense of being controlled by frozen block-universe
determinism with a single, pre-existing, ever-existing future. Experiencing this
model of control and time initially destabilizes self-control power, and amounts to
the death of the self that was conceived of as an autonomous control-agent.
Self-control stability is restored upon transforming one's mental model to take
into account the dependence of personal control on a hidden, separate thought-
source, such as Necessity or a divine level that transcends Necessity"-
Anonymous. In Ego Death one will most likely succumb to an out of body
experience, in which consciousness travels beyond physical coil into a realm of
which they have no control, except for interpretation. You could end up in a
destroyed city, a forest burning black, a hive under invasion, or anything; it can
all be beyond what you thought imaginable as well. To succumb to this realm
one must give up on self-control. whether they know they do or not, that is the
concept behind the death of the ego; the death of the need for self control.
(Walter Houston Clark)

Attaining Ego Death requires controversial means, for the most part. It
usually attained by allusiveness such as lsd, DXM, shrooms, DMT, etc. If such
acts don't suit you it is also said to be reached by meditation. One can attempt to
"Pry open" their "Third eye" through meditative process. Whether through
hallucinogens or deep meditation the state known as Ego Death is hard to attain,
and can vanish almost as quickly as it becomes apparent. Ego Death and drug
trips are but a few means to stretch your mind beyond reality, however. As the
authors look for control in the dimension you can be the audience, accepting the
words presented for fun. Movies and stories show a in-depth differentiation
between our world and another, almost like a split universe. Infact, if the quotes
of men such as Morpheus and Tyler Durden can ring true, its possible their
emotions can affect your empathy as well. In short, seemingly artificial scenarios
can affect your superficial emotions and stimuli. In such a case, you have
exceeded your own reality by stepping onto the edges of another, while obeying
the laws your mind laid out as well.(Walter Houston Clark;Kaufman, Carolyn  "A
Primer on Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious")

Ergo, escape from our dimension does not have to be by some physical
mean. In extensive thought however, the perception gained through such mental
means is nothing more then perishable adventures our mind creates. In this
sense our subconscious mind truly does control us, however it is also agreeable
such a mentality is attempting to please our stimulus. The only conclusion
gathered by idea behind resisting and going beyond the mind is such: If our mind
or another truly is creating an omnipresent reality for us, it is doing a righteously
powerful job to keep us entranced. The Ultimate Ultimatum behind the concept
of reality not being truth, is to go with the idea as truth. Georgle Orwell's most
powerfully message is "Power corrupts" however perhaps it goes beyond
something as simple as society. If you gained omnipotence over your own mind,
it is improbable that you'd experience the same pleasures that of a common man
would. You would be able to bend the concept of "reality" and even transcend
the mental law of death, however with such free will over will the game of life
could become meaningless.(Canning, Bard)
'Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What
if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference
between the dream world and the real world?”-Morpheus. In examination of this
philosophy it is likely that a human would want out of the dream world. This
promotes the one flaw and true beauty in being a human; irrationality. In the
concept that the reality you see is a dream you can wake up from one would
want to awake undoubtedly, however in the dream we feel we are given the
stimulation of food, water, love, hate, pain, pleasure, and the luxury of most
anything our mind allows us. In the reality which can extinguish this "dream
world" it is likely to be a hell. "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent
one.”-Albert Einstein. If you ignore human nature to rebel against design, you are
left with a comfortable coma of wonder, just as real as any reality could be.
Perhaps this is not the point such fictional and real men tried to make, but the
argument I give you as such: Consider reality you live In a creation of your own
imagination; if your mind gave this purgatory of bliss and pain it is obviously
meant to be entertained with your own actions. To rebel against this system is
simply another way to go along with it, and to try to rise above it is only extending
its walls. (Canning, Bard)
Scientists have determined a 20% probably factor that the world you live
in is a dream world, a simulation for some reason we likely do not want
knowledge of. If it is such, will it affect your life?(Bostrom, Nick "Do We Live In A
Computer Simulation?" New Scientist/00 month 2006)As you read this closing
statement keep in mind, it could simply be your mind telling you not to rebel
against your system; however, it is science to determine truth, and science is a
gift of man. Whichever way you choose to interpret this world, you still will have
impact, and your consequences, whether real or imagines, will be determined.

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