Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The story of the boy who cried demon

someone said it in a byond game called Phoenix Sundered earth XD so i thought id finish it!
Twas a long time ago! Many ages! Probably more then YOU willl ever know existed! (so one plus whatever age you are) There was a boy! A little boy! Who, like normal boys, dreamed of gum drops and ice cream! And like most normal boys he owned an xbox, which evolved his dreams from gumdrops and ice cream to Gun shots and icing! a hoe that is!
Once the boy was asked to guard heaven! seems pretty stupid to leave a boy to guard heaven im sure...but ya know what? Your a jerk...know why? Cause you just HAD to point that out huh? Jerk....if your a jerk then your stupid...maybe your the boy? Anyways if you need an excuse the last guardian of heavens gates was fired for incompetence so they were left with a kid! Better? Good! lets get on with it!...jerk....
One day the boy was SOOO bored! And like any small boy he decided to pull a prank on heaven! and He cried "DEMON DEMON!" as loud as he could! and everyone came running, because if a demon was at heavens gate then all the horrible apocolyptic signs were to be happening! It was a big deal! so big infact it was not to be joked about..the apacolypse started prematurely! and The second coming came! Then the earth was sreigned down upon by fiery and god-like vengeance the likes of which no one had ever seen! And up in heaven many a person was  judged and sentenced...the world had met its end..maybe a few survived...but that was all...
Anyways the boy told the crowd after all the commotion was over "False alarm everyone!" and they decided to forgive him cause...come on..jesus was leading the crowd and he forgives EVERYONE...why do you think hes not the judge of heaven? I mean hed let anyone in! Freakin goody two shoes...but hey! He forgave him! Well the next day Jesus was sick in bed! And the boy was guarding the place yet again! and he so wonderfully called out "DEMON DEMON!" and the second apocolypse happened, flooding the corpses of earth with an infection that made the dead walk with the living..the zombie was born...and only a few remaining humans fought off the plague..others hid in underground bunkers never to see the light for a hundred years, as nuclear arms were set off to destroy the zombie invasion..
Will the dick-head boy who thought this was funny had a good laugh, then when everyone came running they were pissed...and he was sent to hell where Satan sent him to double hell! For ruining his plans of domination before hand by making the angels aware that demons could invade their gates....
The moral of the story...never EVER shout out the word demon around angels! those guys CAN NOT TAKE A JOKE! also the kid was a jerk..dont be a jerk...


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  2. XD why did you comment it then bud?