Friday, June 10, 2011

Use Me

another old poem of mine

Use Me
Let me be
A servant to use
for your simple ruse
Let my skills be used for a gain unright
and then let me fall into eternal night
Dont love me I plea
Just let me be
A shell for you
Give me something to do

Use me I, i need it
pay me with a hit
But dont say to me
That youll let me be

Dont Say I love you
dont make that mistake
Cause ill love you too
And my heart youll break

Because your love will so grand
Something too good to stand
Just Say youll use me
and let me be
A man to help you
in a goal to do

Let me be your sexual freak
And give me back a little peak
Into a heart i dont wish to know
Or else love for you will grow

Let me be your a usefull book
Full of all you need, but just take a look
Ill give you the answers to the questions you seek
And I ask only for an answer so bleak

Let me be your shoulder for a tear
Illd hold you and tell you i am near
But dont bleed too much of a broken heart
Ill use the blood for a loving art

So use me
Just let me be
A tool
Your fool

A heart
Your art

A freak
your geek

just dont rip my heart in two
dont make me regret that truly i love you

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