Saturday, June 11, 2011

Malcom X of HomoSapiens

I Dreamt of a World
I dreamt of a world...a world not filled with hate, politics, and evil...i  dared to dream of this world...this world that is shunned...this world not ruled by man, but by ourselves... The world did not have politics to lead people, it did not have evil to corrupt people, it did not have violence to worry people, it did not have hate to make us cry...

I awoke from this dream....i wept for the world...I wept because this is the world we get farther away from everyday....I wept because my world was suffering, because my love was suffering, our love. And then I said with a voice so full of furry that it made the angels tremble and the devils shudder and the gods quake with fear, NO MORE.

Look around your world brothers! I pleade for you to see what i have seen, to see the wars caused by our disagreements, to see the plauges brought by our idiocy. To see the politics and propoganda and fears made by our own need for power. I pleade for you to look at this and weep for your world, for the one beutiful thing man kind still has time to save.

Its time for evolution brothers, for us to evolve beyond our own wants and needs and fears, its time for the next step towards evolution to begin! with this simple Message i have given to you all...i plead for you to spread it if you weep for our world. and if you Dream of a better one......

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