Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Jokers Paradise

I want what i deserve, and i deserve it all
When its my time to shine, this world will fall
When i meet grim death, right at hells gate
Ill laugh in his face, For he cant stop fate

When the world is angry, and they give me a lashing
Ill bide my time, and give it the worse thrashing
Ill burn this world to the ground
Ill make it suffer, but ill make it sound
Even in space theyll hear the cries.
Finally, ill rip off the humans mask of lies

Ill make them face the fate I hold in my hand
Ill make them see just where they Stand...

And as I laugh at the hell to arise
Youll look at me, and stare deep into my eyes
Youll see a devil, longing for power
And ill see that its my final hour
Ill present you with the knife, to wipe away my sin
Ill kiss you one last time, and youll forgive what ive been

Because even in my darkest hour, when I rip this wretched world in two
I want you to know, i still love you...

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